No emails or response from FME

  • 28 February 2024
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I am not sure what to do at this stage and was wondering if anyone had any insight.


I tried to enrol to do an online course and created an account using my work email. I have not received any emails to verify the account and I have tried to have a verification and password reset email sent with no luck either. I have sent an email to info@FME with no response as well. I tried to recover my old password from a FME account using my home email address as well with no response. Email addresses are correct, and I have check SPAM folders.


Any suggestions on who to contact at this stage?






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2 replies

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If I don’t receive any emails, perhaps go check your Spam/Junk and add the sender as trusted

Try resetting your password, if all else fails, then maybe reach out to and ask for assistance about your account

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In addition to @j.botterill there may also be blocking happening at a company level, would pay to reach out to your IT department to see if they’ve blocked anything from the domain