FME 2023.1 - Feature Highlights

Originally posted September 5th, 2023. What’s New in FME 2023.1FME helps you simplify and streamline complex tasks so your organization can deliver work faster and achieve cross-departmental success. Discover new and enhanced ways to accelerate the authoring experience and boost collaboration to achieve ultimate productivity.  Gain Unrivalled ProductivityIn May, we showcased the latest advances in generative AI and gave a sneak peek of how natural language processing can be leveraged in your data integration workflows. We’re now excited to introduce our new AI Assist tool, designed to help you speed up workspace authoring. Meet Your FME Form Co-Author, AI AssistAccelerate regex, SQL, and Python generation and unlock insights with descriptive explanations to help you understand the results.Quickly generate regex with text string results. Easily generate queries wherever SQL parameters are available.Gain insights into your Python code by integrating comments into your script for easier maintenance and define actions to refine your code.AI Assist is available as a Tech Preview in FME 2023.1. We’d love to hear your feedback! After generating your results, use the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ icon to submit your feedback directly within the tool.  Visual Enhancements to Workspace ComparisonFME 2023.0 introduced increased functionality that enables teams to deploy robust and reliable workspaces collaboratively with the ability to visually compare workspaces, see differences, and reconcile changes. In FME 2023.1, you can fast-track your team’s productivity with the ability to:Highlight changes in the Navigator and see tree items styled based on changes. Sync the scroll bar and expand/collapse in the Navigator so it’s easy to maintain your view when finding changes. Compare differences in runtime order. View dialogues side-by-side.If you’d like to merge workspaces through Git, view the configuration details here.   Accelerate Project DeliveryFor enterprise IT and data teams, time-to-value is a key component of success. With our latest enhancements, FME enables you to easily migrate between development pipelines, empowering your team to accelerate project delivery without compromising quality. Migrate Workflows ConfidentlyStreamline Projects in FME Flow with clearer visibility into your workflows and automate checks before import. When importing and exporting projects, you can now:Preview the project and review it before importing. Select any Web Connections, Database Connections, and Deployment Parameters for import. See and ensure that all dependencies at the time of export are included and up-to-date. Improved Workflow DeploymentIncrease efficiency and eliminate errors with the ability to create and override Deployment Parameters in Workbench. We’ve heard your feedback and introduced several enhancements to ensure a seamless transfer of FME solutions across your enterprise development pipeline. You can now:Create new Deployment Parameters and quickly migrate existing parameters to FME Flow.  Create local overrides to Deployment Parameter values, enabling easier testing and greater flexibility. See all Deployment Parameters available in the Navigator to see synced changes immediately. Deploy AnywhereFME 2023.0 introduced Remote Engine Services, enabling admins to deploy secure, distributed, hybrid, and multi-cloud data integration workflows. Organizations save time and money on network transfer costs, achieve faster processing time, and have more control over where data is stored. Easier Deployment of Distributed ProcessingIn this release, admins no longer have to manage multiple licenses for a single FME Flow deployment. When connecting a Remote Engine to a deployment, you’ll now be able to license the primary engine once and spin it up anywhere automatically.  Expand Your Data ConnectivityUnleash the power of your data wherever it resides with 1000+ data connections. In FME 2023.1, we’ve added new data types and packages to help you effectively manage, optimize, and scale cloud-native data workflows:GeoParquet Reader/Writer Cloud Optimized Point Cloud (COPC) Reader Zarr Reader/Writer STAC (SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog) Metadata Reader (FME Hub)If you’re currently tackling challenges with inefficient cloud data management, integration difficulties, and scalability constraints, be sure to get the latest best practices and strategies from our FME experts here! You’ll also see enhancements to:Esri Geodatabase Reader/Writer:  New attribute types added to support 64-bit integer fields, such as date and time fields.  The Geodatabase family of formats has improved support for Feature Datasets. They all now use the same notation as FileGBD: <feature dataset>/<feature class>.  Users can also now specify how Feature Datasets are handled on the writer with a third option: Write Feature Dataset.  Bentley MicroStation Design Reader/Writer: FME can now read and write coordinate systems set on DGNv8.  EsriReprojector Transformer: Specify and accept multi-step transformations. HTTPCaller Transformer: Import and auto-populate parameters from the OpenAPI Specification (previously the Swagger Specification).  ‘Verified’ Publishing Tier on FME HubWe’re excited to introduce a new publishing tier on FME Hub, designed to enable our FME community to build and implement secure and production-quality solutions from verified organizations and individuals. Always up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of FME, gain peace of mind and confidence to expand your FME workflows with verified content. If you’d like to contribute to FME Hub, apply today!Additionally, as of this release, you’ll be able to find and view FME Hub content directly within Quick Add, and see this grouped by publisher type:Watch our on-demand webinar to take a deep dive into all the key new features in FME 2023.1.

FME 2023.0 - Feature Highlights

Originally posted May 26th, 2023.What’s New in FME 2023.0The modern data environment requires new levels of flexibility. It’s time to give new life to your data. See how the latest release of FME will further enhance your productivity and fuel even more innovation for your organization. Boost Your IT EfficiencyEvery IT leader strives for efficiency. Automate IT workflows with scale, flexibility, and security, so your team is better positioned to support enterprise modernization. Standardized ConfigurationSimplify workflow deployment across multiple FME Flow environments with Deployment Parameters. Maintain and standardize FME Platform configurations, making it easy to transfer FME solutions across your development pipeline  (i.e., development, test, production).  Distributed ProcessingDeploy secure, hybrid, and multi-cloud data integration workflows with the Remote Engine Service. Process data where it resides for increased security and efficiency. Robust API ServicesAutomate with increased control, flexibility, and security with the improved Webhook. Orchestrate more complex and powerful automations with built-in authentication support and visibility into API request information.Faster DeploymentAutomate the deployment of FME workflows with the Command Line Interface (CLI) to deliver fast and reliable data integration pipelines. Make Team Collaboration a BreezeProject management and teamwork are hard when you have siloed information and a cumbersome process. Keep your team in sync to expedite project delivery. Workspace CollaborationDeploy robust and reliable workspaces collaboratively with the ability to compare workspaces and reconcile changes visually.  Gain Unrivaled ProductivityEnterprise data keeps getting bigger. So does the demand for faster processing and increased productivity. With the fastest-performing FME ever, you are able to do more with your data in less time.  Improved Data VisualizationSupercharge your data wrangling with faster data inspection and preview.  Process feature-rich data efficiently with optimized performance for 2D rendering. Expand Your Data Connectivity Unleash the power of your data wherever it resides with the largest ecosystem FME delivers. New connections are constantly being added to meet evolving market and customer needs. Databricks Reader & Writer - Derive new insights by bringing spatial data into your datastore. Access, retrieve, and write data from and to Databricks natively within FME.  Trimble Connect Connector - Easily manage data and documents in Trimble Connect to streamline construction project collaboration. Autodesk Revit Writer - Keep your project team informed with update-to-date As-Builts. Integrate GIS data into Revit and create a Slim BIM model to share with your team.Generative AI Connectors - Revolutionize your data integration workflows with the latest generative AI technology.Explore more connections using the Airtable reader & writer, ArcGIS Server Feature Service writer , Microsoft Azure Synapse SQL Reader & Writer, Precisely MRR writer, ND JSON & GeoJSON reader & writer. Check out everything else new in FME 2023.0, including Data Types in AttributeManager, and support for conditional parameters across the platform to empower self-service data apps. Watch this on-demand webinar to take a deep dive into all the key new features in FME 2023.0.

FME 2024.0 - Feature Highlights

🚀 FME 2024.0 is officially here and we are excited to share with you key features that will help you improve operational efficiency, drive speed and increase security.   Features HighlightsRemote Engines Service Support for Automations - Automations now support Remote Engines Services. This allows for faster data processing and increased security by moving the FME Engine processing close to the data it operates on. Multi-Transformer Upgrade - Streamline your authoring experience with the new transformer upgrading feature. Upgrade multiple or all transformers simultaneously, saving you valuable time when upgrading in FME 2024.0. Transform the way you manage updates and enjoy a more intuitive, user-friendly FME experience. FME Form Canvas Upgrade - A simplified user design that enhances and promotes interface consistency across transformers, readers, writers, annotations and bookmarks. Expect a streamlined and intuitive user experience that improves workflow efficiency. Additional EnhancementsEnhanced AI Assist - Use AI to accelerate workflow authoring. AI Assist is great for creating Regular Expressions, SQL statements, and assisting with the creation of Python.Faster 3D Data Inspecting  - This update delivers rapid load times and fluid navigation, ensuring your workflows are efficient and interruption-free.Basis Universal Reader/Writer -  Added support for the Basis Universal format. Basis is tailored for professionals managing extensive 3D datasets in geospatial, gaming, virtual reality, and urban planning. Revit Instance Writing - This update adds support for Revit family instances in placement and orientation. Key features include instance writing, family file loading, and the RevitStyler transformer.Improved Data Encryption - This update makes FME Form more secure against potential vulnerabilities, in securing data connections. Enhanced Attribute Data Type Management - Easily see attribute data types within your workflows to improve workflow data control and accuracy. Key features include improvements to the  AttributeExposer and editing of data types in your workflows.Scripted Selection in Transformer Designer and User Parameter Manager - Advanced interface tailored for users designing transformers.  It simplifies interactions with web services and databases facilitating the creation of user-friendly packages. New Schema Preview Window - Designed to provide details on attributes and geometry for selected canvas objects. This window updates as you navigate through different objects, offering an overview of your data, including schema names, data types, and geometry presence.Improved Desktop Windowing - Customizable "Layouts" for enhanced window and docking management.  Aimed at boosting operational efficiency, it features intuitive resizing, positioning, and window state retention, along with the ability to create and apply windowing setup presets. Coordinate System Mismatch Warning - Enhances spatial transformers with group-by parameters through warnings for coordinate system mismatches during data processing, significantly enhancing data accuracy and reliability. 

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