Emailer broken in 2023.2?

  • 9 January 2024
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I just upgraded my FME from 2021.2.4 to 2023.2 today. My emailer transformers are working fine on my workbench that were previously there. I went to add a new emailer to my upgraded workbench, but I cannot set the parameters, it's stuck at Generic SMTP and no connection settings are anywhere to be found, so no host/port/encryption settings. I removed all the emailers from my workbench, then removed the emailer transformer from my PC, then redownloaded it from FME hub, and still no dice. Any advice? Build is 23764EmailerIssue

4 replies

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@schulte.a​ Hi there, thanks for posting! I think you may have a duplicate transformer definition file (.fmx) of the Emailer sitting in your user Documents system location. Could you please navigate to the following location:




and check if there's a file called Emailer.fmx sitting there? If there is, delete it, restart FME Workbench, and try configuring a new Emailer on a blank canvas.


Let me know how that test goes! Hopefully it resolves the issue for you!




I think I have probaly the same issue than @schulte.a . I tried with a very light workspace and I have just one error “Error running translation.” but I don’t know why.

I don’t have any emailer.fmx file in my folder “Documents”, only in the AppData folder.


I’m working on a windows server 2019 with FME Forl 2023.2.1.0 (20240104 - Build 23774 - WIN64).

There is a Python warning about instability on Windows server before 2022 version but my workspace were still working a few days ago with windows server 2019.




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Hi @gaetanpru, sorry to hear that you’re encountering this issue. This looks to be different from the original issue in this thread, and is instead an issue highlighted in this Known Issues page. Our suggestion there is to update your OS and to retest your workspace there. 


Same problem as gaetanpru here, just one error “Error running translation” but I don’t know why :(

Nothing found in any log file...