I would like to use the tesseract ocr TesseractCaller transformer in FME Cloud. How do I reference it

  • 2 March 2023
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In other words what do I put in here, FME Cloud is a linux box so I dont think it will be an exe.


Many Thanks for the help in advance!

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FME Cloud (or FME flow hosted) runs on ubuntu, so you would have to install it on that machine. The command for installing tessaract on ubuntu is: sudo apt install tesseract-ocr

There are many caveats for installing this software in the cloud. firstly it installs natively on the processing pod, this machine is just a temporary machine, and does not support mutating installations over a longer period of time, since it can be swapped.


You have permantantly storage in your resource folder, if you were able to install it there I believe you should be able to run it safely. But then you must remember to call the full path of the binary since it not in any system directory.