How to upload/download input and result files from my javascript program to/from my cloud workspace ?

  • 2 August 2020
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I'm newbie (less than week).


I published my workspace to my cloud. My workspace does necessary translation between file formats and coordinate systems.


Now I need to upload to this cloud workspace my input file and download from there the result file.


This should be done by my javascript program.


  1. How do I set my workspace to be able to get input and send the output from/to my javascript program?
  2. How do I, by my javascript program, upload the input file and download the result file, all by my javascript program?


I have not yet found neither relevant documentation, nor relevant code examples for my needs as I explained them above.


For example, It'll help me If I knew how to do it for the "Easy Translator" example in


Help will be greatly appreciated.


P.S. - important

Now I think maybe Upload File In Session is more suitable to adapt for my needs. If it's right, then I'll appreciate help in adapting it.



1 reply

I managed, by Upload File In Session. Case closed.