Server apps Microsoft AAD login wrong redirect

If a user follows a direct link to a workspace app or an app gallery, and there is authentication required, a login screen appears.


If using 'normal' login with username / password, after login the user gets redirected to the URL in the workspace link., which is correct.


However, if I use a Microsoft Azure AD login ('log in with microsoft'), the user always gets redirected to de base URL of FME server and not to the app.


Is there somewhere a setting we should set to redirect to the url of the app instead of the base url ?


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Hi @jbs​ ,


Unfortunately, this is a known issue (internal reference: FMESERVER-17846). The only known workaround is to ask your app users to log in to FME Server first, and then click on the app link, in this order, the app will load as expected.

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Update: this issue (FMESERVER-17846) has been fixed in FME Server 2022.1 and newer.

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We have a similar problem with fmedatastreaming services and Microsoft Azure AD (FME Flow 2023.1.2 (Build 23641)).


After login the user gets redirected to 'FME Flow home', and not redirected to the fmedatastreaming service. 




(Flow apps don't support parameters)