How can I use ReframeReprojector in FME Cloud?

  • 20 September 2021
  • 2 replies

I am trying to use ReframeReprojector to transform swiss coordinates within FME Cloud and I get the following error: "ReframeReprojector: Reproject: Could not reproject the geometry of the preceding feature: Dynamic reproject engine `REFRAMEREPROJECT' cannot be found". Is it possible to make the reframeproject available to the FME Cloud engine?

2 replies

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The ReframeReprojector is based on the dll libraries supplied by Swisstopo, which are only available for Windows. It seems Swisstopo has also made the libraries available as JAR files, but to my knowledge these have not been integrated into FME for use on non-Windows platforms (yet).

Shameless plug: My colleagues at INSER have developed a Java-based transformer that does the exact same thing as the ReframeReprojector, specifically for use on FME Cloud. It is available for testing here:

It is possible to purchase a license for this transformer, if you need it for your own use.

Thanks for the answer. I figured that was the problem, but I was hoping for an easier workaround. I'll take a look at the geopol website.