Automations writer failing in FME Flow

  • 22 March 2024
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I have an workbench published in FME Flow which gathers parameters then passes them in an automation to workbenches which use them.  I am using an Automations writer in it.  When I try to run it in FLOW it gives the error:

AUTOMATIONS writer: FME Flow error: `FME Flow error: `UNPROCESSABLE_REQUEST(Automations) Route "NewFeatureType" does not exist''

I have never used this writer type before. Does it need to be registered on the server or something?

2 replies

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Hi @swach 


Thank you for your post! 

The Automations Writer can be a very powerful tool in automations to help link workspaces together based on parameters collected upstream!

To better help with this I have a few questions!

  • do the workspaces work on FME Form (Workbench)?
  • are you able to share the workspaces you are using (the one containing the automation writer, and one that gets triggered based on its results)?  If you don’t want to share them here, you can submit a case to our technical support team and they can look into more there!
  • can you also share a screenshot showing how you have your automation set up on Flow?
  • finally, can you share the full job log from Flow with the failure (again you can send this through a case if preferred!)

Thank you!


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I have started a case for this.  It turns out this is a symptom of a larger problem.