Stop workflow if no input from 1 out of 2 transformers

  • 13 June 2024
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I have 2 transformers (A and B) they have to provide a Sorter with inputs.
If there isn’t any output from A, then this workflow C has to stop, but not the entire workspace.  
If there is output from both A and B, it has to continue.
If there is only output from A and not B, it has to contiunue. 

Is it possible? 




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5 replies

This is a double solution:

For a single solution like in your case you can stop after the FeatureMerger_3 in this example.

The Sampler is set to N=1. The Keeper to nothing and the FeatureMerger is set to merge on Requestor=1 Supplier=1.

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How about this? put a 1 in both the key fields for the attribute merger. depending on the schema you may need to remove extra attributes from the merge fields so it only matches the requestors schema.



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My favorite to use the the FeatureFlowValve custom transformer. Inside it’s essentially just a FeatureMerger with 1==1 but I like it because I can choose whether it opens or closes what does through the Input


A+B == A+B

In this case A is the ValueControl and features will only go through in the case there is a feature coming out of ‘A’


No A = No C
A but no B = A but no B


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Thank you very much for all the answers. The last one, where “FeatureFlowValve” was used, is perfect for the purpose. However, the other methods also worked :)

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I thought it was time that we had a better solution for this type of scenario, so I created the DataLogicController transformer and uploaded it to the FME Hub.

I added a description to the latest What’s Up Wednesday newsletter.

Basically, for this scenario, the setup would look like this:


The logic to use is called “Projection”. It’s also capable of doing AND (must have both A and B data), OR (only needs one set of data), and a host of other logical operations.

I hope you find this interesting (even if you have a solution already).