how to write the new data into different Feature Classes into Esri arcsde ?

  • 15 June 2024
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Hello ,

i would like to create new points and new lines in FME and write the output in Esri arcsde (I have license for that )

I have to write the new data in Feature class and and table class and establish a foreign key  relationship between the data between the two classes .

     1. is there other classes should I write the new    data into it ? 

  1. what should be i edit in workbench and the next steps to show the data in arcmap without any problem ?
  2. Arcmap generates obj_id when we add the new point ,will be possible to write obj_id that not used before in arcmap ?
  3. does anyone did a simple workspace ,could upload it to understand the idea ?


thanks in AdaVance 

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From the article Writing Geodatabase Relationship Classes

FME cannot create the relationship class in the target geodatabase. Either create the relationship class in ArcGIS/ArcPro, or use a template.

If you really need to do this dynamic, it should be possible to use FME to create / update an XML Workspace Document which the GDB FeatureWriter then can use to generate the empty gdb with featureclasses / tables / relationship classes. But I never needed this, so no example.

The Python route is probably more convenient. (Using PythonCallers to create GDB, FeatureClasses etc.)

I’m quite sure, to write relationships, you will need a Standard ESRI license.

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As first target 

that I would like to create new junction by FME then adding  this junction  into related Esri tables .will be possible ? 
And I would like to change the geometry of line and write over into the  table  ,how could I achieve it ?

Yes, check the linked article, it describes step by step how to do it.

If you want me to make a workspace, please supply a source dataset and a target database and I’ll try.