Geospatial PDF writer DPI resolution

  • 11 June 2024
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When converting a Cloud Optimized TFF to a Geospatial PDF, the output resolution is very pixelated (see attached file). How can the output Geospatial PDF resolution be specified?GeoPDF Resolution Example


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Hello @rudystricklan1 

There are several parameters in the Geospatial PDF writer that can be used to control raster output. In the writer feature type, there is a parameter named Interpolation Method. By default, this is set to Nearest Neighbor, which is fast but produces a lower image quality. You can try setting this parameter to Bicubic (highest quality) or Bilinear (intermediate quality) to increase the quality of the output PDF.

In addition, there is a PDF format attribute called pdf_raster_compression_level which sets the quality of the image compression. Use an AttributeCreator or AttributeManager to create this attribute on the raster feature(s) and set its value to 0. A value of 0 enables a lossless compression.

Both of these will cause the output PDF file size to increase.

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Thanks very much Debbie! Changing the interpolation method to bicubic dramatically improved the Geospatial PDF output resolution. Although the output GeoPDF size did increase, it was still less (3.62MB) than the super-compressed Cloud Optimized Output file size (5.33MB).