Error "The table name or field names may be too long or invalid for the server"

  • 12 June 2024
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I’m trying to read specific feature classes from an SDE database using a user parameter within a feature reader.

I’ve not had a problem with this previously so not sure if it’s a bug (I’m using FME 2023.1.2.0 (20231110 - Build 23641 - WIN64) 

The issue I’m having is:

When selecting feature classes manually in the ‘Feature types to read’ section of the Feature Reader window I can select as many as I want and they’ll all read fine.

When using the user parameter (please see settings in screenshot below):

Selecting one dataset reads fine

Selecting 2 or more feature classes I get the error “Error creating feature dataset 'feature class a feature class b'. The table name or field names may be too long or invalid for the server”


Thanks for you time



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3 replies

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Hi @scarecrow 


It looks like a similar issue was fixed in a newer version of FME (2024.0.1).

If you are able to, please send your workspace over and I can take a look. 




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 @crystalatsafe thanks for your reply.

Sorry I can’t share the workbench but it is just what is shown in the screenshot. A creator linked to a SDE feature reader, with all default settings. As you say I think this is an issue with the version I’m running.

For now my workaround is to use a parameter fetcher to get the inputs set by the user, send it to an attribute splitter to separate the feature classes and then use a list exploder to create an attribute that feeds the feature reader.

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Hi @scarecrow 

I’m glad you were able to find a workaround.

If you do test this is in 2024.0.1 or newer please let us know how it goes.