Adding Field Alias along with Field Names from excel as a new field..

  • 21 June 2023
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Hi Guys..

I need your Guidance to accomplish above scenario..

I was able read a GDB and Excel as source from Feature Reader and also able to do required Results

Now , At attribute Manager , I want to add around 52 new field names along with field alias from importing it throughexcel and this would be new field and then i want to write a GDB , so All field along with other New fields which has alias name to be written to GDB..


How can i do this ?


Anyone , Kindly Guide..



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8 replies

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Hi @abnan0001​, hopefully I'm understanding your question correctly-- please correct me if not. But if you have your Excel sheet with the new field names you can simply attach it to your AttributeManager alongside your FeatureReader output. You can also experiment with transformers like the AttributeRenamer or BulkAttributeRenamer to help.

If you can, please include some screenshots to help illustrate what you'd like to do. I hope this helps get you started!

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Thank You @saraatsafe for your reply..

let me explain you in detail

The highlighted attribute manager and its results has complete final information in the fields which is required to me and I need few more fields to be added from excel with it field alias name to be added when it is written to GDB.Next screenshot will illustrate that(Fig 2)


Fig 1image 

Figure 2

This is the excel which has field name and its field alias name which needs to be added to the attribute manager as new fields with field alias so i have imported this excel file as shown in figure 3


Importing the info from excel imageimage.pngimage 



I was able to import only field names from excel in above figure as highlighted but i need field alias to be shown when written to ESRI GDB...



Any guidance, I have in huge number


Thanks Again


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Sample Excel file of field name and alias is also attached

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Any Guidance or Suggestion to accomplish this..


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You have to restructure your excel file so it looks like this:

Then you can do the import:

And you will have the following result:


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Thanks for the quick reply.

I have followed the steps as mentioned

But , I see alias name is coming as aseparate field name as shown in snapshot



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Not sure why it does not work for you, but it does work for me in both FME 2021 and 2023. It probably has to do with how you set the writer. In my case I set it to Manual and let AttributeA and AttributeB through.



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Thank You..

I have used feature writer and set the parameters and it worked out..

Where as if i use directly GDB writer it doesnt work.


Thanks Again