How do I determine who is logged into FME Server 2022.2.5

  • 14 November 2023
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I have an FME Server (Flow) 2022.2.5 installation on a Windows server and I have application-level user security enabled (not Windows-level security). Sometimes I need to do maintenance on the server and I'd like to be able to see who is currently logged in via the web interface. I've looked everywhere in the web interface for something like this but no luck. Thanks.

2 replies

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There's no such thing, unfortunately. In theory, you could look for valid session tokens but there's no guarantee that they correspond to users actively using the server. I think the best solution for maintenance is to use a combination of broadcast messages and planned maintenance windows, as much as possible.

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I agree with @david_r​ ! The best thing is to have well established communication mechanisms and predefined maintenance periods!


As for your question, I would add to David's point to also consider the system event history, or even the tomcat log (if ever the token session options don't work perfectly). Once again, these are not really robust solutions, and the best thing is to communicate with users :)