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  • 17 January 2024
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Sorry, this isn't FME-related, but given the experience here, it would be dumb not to ask.


Our team currently employs VertiGIS Studio (formerly Latitude Geographics) Geocortex Essentials as our corporate web GIS viewer. We utilize this to configure project-specific web GIS viewers via a user interface, requiring no coding. It consumes our web services from Portal for ArcGIS, with authorization managed using groups in Portal. Additionally, we can leverage workflows, custom-made user interfaces used in combination with FME Server.


The problem is that the product is being discontinued. VertiGIS Studio offers a new web viewer built from scratch, based on ESRI web maps instead of web services. Our issue with web maps is that they are difficult to maintain. Adding layers to viewers during project work is challenging, and there's no option for grouping layers in a folder structure.


So we are seeking alternatives. I'm curious to know what others use and what they are enthusiastic about. Please feel free to just mention the name of a web viewer you know of.


I don't want to limit responses, but I should mention that we are engineering specialists, not IT experts. We are not programmers, but rather construction engineers with an interest in web GIS. Therefore, full coding solutions like Leaflet might not be suitable for us.



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