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  • 3 January 2024
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Hallo, I am looking for a way to access Sharpoint list attachments in FME.

I have tried using FME Reader Microsoft SharePoint List or Transformer SharePoint Online Connector, but the attachments are not retrievable.

Are there any plans for FME to add support for attachments?

Can anyone suggest another way to download attachments in FME?


I would be very grateful for any help with this task.

3 replies

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Hi @bea​ at the moment we do not support the reading or writing of attachments for SharePoint Lists in FME.

We have an internal ticket requesting this additional functionality but it hasn't gotten much traction so far. I'll add some comments on the ticket to let the developers know of your interest.

I highly suggest creating an idea on the FME Ideas page to gather interest from other FME users as well as this will help increase the priority of adding this functionality to FME. 


In the meantime, you may be able to use the HTTPCaller and the SharePoint REST API to use a GET Request to download the attachments. If you're interested in going down this route you can take a look at some of the following documentation to get started:


Hope this helps!


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You can use the sharepoint REST API to do this, have a look at the documentation here:

Hallo @danminneyatsaf​ and @hkingsbury​ 

Thank you very much for your answers. You have helped me a lot. I was able to download the attachments using the REST API.