Integration BIM-GIS between Bentley Projectwise and ArcGIS Enterprise by FME

  • 10 May 2024
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Has anyone done or has experience with integrating BIM/CAD and GIS data between ProjectWise and ArcGIS Enterprise? I know that this isn’t a solution supported by ESRI, but FME's capabilities allow to process data and connect both environments. I am looking for ideas and solutions for integration and full synchronization between environments. Ultimately, I would like the design data saved in PW to be displayed on the GIS portal.
Thanks for any ideas and suggestions


1 reply

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Hi @filipovitz 

Can you clarify a bit more? 

Do you want to upload the CAD files to ArcGIS Enterprise? 

If yes, you should be able to use the ProjectWiseWSGConnector and the ArcGISOnlineConnector transformer to synchronize the CAD files. 


If your solution or project workflow involved publishing data to ArcGIS Enterprise. 

Technically it is possible but the workflow will be bit involved. 

Step 1 Perform CAD TO GIS transformation 
There are number of workflow and articles on this topic 

How to Convert GIS to CAD while maintaining Data quality

CAD to GIS: Convert Parcel Lines and Text from DGN to Geodatabase

Working with CAD Data


NOTE: you can read file hosted on Projectwise directly using WebAsFileSystem as well. 

Step 2 Publish GIS data to ArcGIS Enterprise 

This can be achieved by different methods available from ArcGIS Online/Enterprise by by running schedule workspace to perform UPSERT or UPDATE or OVERWRITE. 

Using UPSERT/UPDATE using Change Detector 

Updating ArcGIS Online Feature Services using UPSERT

In case you want to perform operation such as 
CAD →  File Geodatabase → ArcGIS Online/ Enterprise 

Using Append to Write Big Data to ArcGIS Online in FME

You can do this in a single workflow as well depending on the complication and number of different files and Feature Services that are required.