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  • 1 June 2024
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Hi All,


The link mentioned above offers valuable insights about the process of transferring data into XML format specifically designed for CIM electric utilities. 


Upon constant verification, "61970cim18v02_61968cim14v00" is mentioned in cim.xsd file. This seem to indicate that the CIM version is of version 14 (version 0)?


I am seeking assistance to determine the specific CIM version associated with the link provided. Understanding the appropriate CIM version is crucial for ensuring compatibility and seamless integration within the current system. Your guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated, as it will streamline the process of identifying and implementing the correct CIM version, thereby enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the system.


Thank you in advance for your support and assistance in clarifying the CIM version associated with this link.

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Hi, @pratap.

It looks like the CIM in that article was based on iec61970-552 (possibly version 3 of that spec). Hope this helps!