General LDAP Support

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It will be great to expand AD support to LDAP support so that FME Server can talk to most any LDAP implementations out there, including OpenLDAP.

LDAP support is needed at AT&T. All of our databases are registered with LDAP servers.

We are happy to announce that we have made an initial push for generic LDAP support in FME Server 2020.2. We have done extensive internal testing and have worked with select customers to ensure that the implementation allows connecting to directory servers other than Windows Active Directory.


When you configure a new Directory Server configuration in FME Server, the experience is very similar to configuring for Windows Active Directory. Please make sure to read the provided tooltips and reach out to Safe Support ( if you encounter any issues, or need assistance setting this up for your organization. We expect that some directory servers may have nuances that require additional product changes and we are inviting any and all feedback.