Monitoring Servers and Services

  • 16 January 2024
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Is it possible to use FME to monitor servers and services that include the following:


Request Failure Alarms (example includes when an internal or external website gets a 502 error)


Response Time Alarms (example includes if a website takes longer to respond than usual)


Available Storage on a server (example if storage gets to 20 percent then send an email notification)


Server Unavailable (example is if a VM goes down)


I know I can do these things using VertiGIS Analytics for the GIS side; but am curious to know what FME Form along with FME Flow can do, if it is even possible to do at least one or any of the things I list above? what transformers would be useful? maybe creating a few workspaces and publishing them to FME Flow.






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2 replies

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Yes, you'd be creating a workspace which on FME Flow you have set up to run on a frequent schedule.

For a website failure, make a request to it with an HTTPCaller, the result will include the http_status_code which you can take action on if it is a 502.

For a response time, you can have a TimeStamper before and after the HTTPCaller to tell how long the request took, and test if the difference is more than some seconds. Also test the HTTPCaller rejected port for a response timeout.

For storage on a server, I assume the server has an API to tell you that. So you just HTTP query, and test how much is available. Use an FMEFlowEmailGenerator + FmeFlowNotifier to build the email message and have the Flow server send the email, it'd be better than using an Emailer.


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It's indeed perfectly doable, but personally I'd rather reach for some dedicated monitoring software for this use case. That way you don't have to debug every edge case yourself. There are several open source alternatives out there.