• 21 March 2024
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FME Hub user konnorporter just uploaded a new transformer to the FME Hub.

Takes a set of points with a start/end point and creates a minimum spanning length network/tree.

The parameter Start/End Node determines which node(s) to use as a seed for the algorithm.

0 or any false-ish value means not a starting node, while 1 (or any positive result) results in that feature being used as a starting node.

Placing a 0 in that parameter, or giving a parameter that is false-ish, will result in the first node being used as the seed.

Choosing multiple starting points will result in a forest of Minimum Spanning Trees, i.e. several disconnected networks. This is useful for if you want to add more nodes to a pre-existing network, by setting all the nodes in that network to 1, and the nodes yet to be added to 0.

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