UDP message received on FME Cloud is nonsense

  • 17 January 2021
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I have set up a sensor to send UDP messages to FME Cloud via a GSM modem and it works great as a trigger, but the message that arrives is nonsense.


I believe everything is sent as bytes through the serial port so I have no idea whether its possible to format it before sending or the problem is how FME Cloud is receiving the data.



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2 replies

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Hi @jatoxa​ ,


It looks like the messages from the UDP trigger are coming through in their raw binary form. In my test, I sent "Hello world!" to FME Server via UDP and it came through as "SGVsbG8sIHdvcmxkIQ==" I was able to 'unscramble' the message within a Workspace using the BinaryDecoder transformer. In my case, I set the Encoding Type to Base64 and the Character Encoding for Output Data to System Default to get the proper string output.


I'll check with our team here to confirm if this is expected behaviour. I also would have expected the messages to automatically be decoded when FME Server/Cloud receives them.

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Hi @lauraatsafe​,

Fantastic, thanks! I actually tried it but forgot to set the character encoding. All my messages makes sense now.