Specify Extension Filters, working in Workbench, but not in Flow app

  • 27 March 2024
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Hi all,

I have a workbench which has a parameter that asks for a .ZIP file for input.

Specifying extension filters works in workbench - user can only add/view files with an extension “.ZIP”

When i publish this to FME Flow, and create a flow app, the extension filters are ignored and the user can select/view any file of any type.


Using FME 2023.2.0.0.

FME Flow 2023.2, Build 23747 - win64


1 reply

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I believe that has always been the case (don’t have a version prior to 2023.2 to check with). It means you need to do file extension checks in your process (which is a good thing to do regardless)