Issue with FME Server jobs - XML module errors

  • 27 October 2022
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Hi there, 

I am running a number of jobs (all using the same workspace) on FME server, and some of them are running for a period of time (each job processes a number of URLs, so it is getting through some of the list, and then failing), and then failing with an XML module error. There are two errors:

XML module Error: XalanFileOutputStreamWriteException: Error writing file: 


XML module Error: 'SAXParseException: invalid document structure 


I am running 14 jobs at a time (on an FME Cloud Professional Server, so enough CPUs), and I have noticed that three will fail at the same time, and others will continue to run, so I suspect there is something interrelated (perhaps they all try to write to some XML log file at the same time?)


If anyone has come across similar issues, or has any ideas of what I can try to work out the cause of this issue, that would be very gratefully received -it is a fairly urgent problem!


I am running FME Server 2022.1.2 Build 22627 - linux-x64


I have attached three log files which all failed at the same time - please ignore the errors at the start of the log files - this is another unrelated issue (although if you know a fix for that, then please do let me know!).


I hope someone can help.




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Hi Fiona,


Is this an isolated failure or has it happened before? Is it always the same URLs? Can you run the workspace with the problem URLs from FME Workbench? If not, can you manually download the files from the URLs and successfully run the workflow with those?


If this problem is specific to FME Server, you run the workspace with these 3 URLs sequentially, do they still return errors?


An 'invalid document structure' error can be due to workflow design. See a similar problem and solution encountered by a user: XSLTProcessor fails when using Configuration Type 'Attribute as Stylesheet'