Using deployment param through scripted param UI errors off; bug?

  • 12 March 2024
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FME(R) 2023.1.1.0 (20230928 - Build 23631 - WIN64)

I have a simple scripted parameter script in workbench to return the value of a deployment parameter and I’m wondering if there’s a bug in the interface. When I drag a user parameter onto the script canvas the code generated contains FME_MacroValues, eg.


If  I drag a deployment parameter, dpTest, onto the script canvas the code generated looks like


Here’s the script. The commented code fails; if I manually correct $(dpTest) to FME_MacroValues['dpTest'], it runs:


# Get the archive folder from deployment param
import fme

#arch = $(dpTest)
#return arch

return FME_MacroValues['dpTest']


Is this a bug? Thanks.


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Hi @joaniegeo99, thanks for reporting this! It is indeed a bug. We’ll get that fixed for a future release of FME. The workaround, as you’ve already found, is to manually correct the parameter format in the script. Apologies for any confusion and inconvenience this caused.