Server/Flow Queue Limit

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Out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is a limit to the number of jobs which can be queued on FME Server/Flow?


Best answer by TandraAtSafe 22 May 2024, 23:38

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Hi @liamfez, there doesn’t appear to be an upper limit to the number of jobs that you can queue up on FME Flow, at least nothing I can find documented. We have seen situations where millions of jobs have been queued up but that is not something we recommend trying. 

Do you have a number in mind of how many you’d like to queue up? 

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Thanks for your response @TandraAtSafe. No, I don’t have any specific number in mind. My question was really just out of curiosity. I figured there would be some practical limit, and assumed it would be large, but had not seen any general range. The most I have ever queued would be in the tens of thousands and have seen no issues at that range.