Issue in Reading ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase

  • 1 April 2024
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Hi Community,


Even After installing ArcGIS Server License in the FME Flow machine, FME Flow Workspace is showing below error

“51 2024-4-1 09:23:28 | Could not open the Enterprise Geodatabase. The error number from ArcObjects is: '-2147220952'. The error message from ArcObjects is: {The Product License has not been initialized.}”

I had never experienced this issue earlier. What might be the root cause. Any body have an idea, please share your thoughts. So that I can iterate it and solve it.


Thanks in Advance.




1 reply

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Hi @harish !

It seems like FME Flow is having trouble picking up the Esri license from ArcGIS Server. Do you happen to have ArcGIS Pro or other desktop Esri products installed on the same machine?

Also make sure that you’re using a compatible ArcGIS Server version for your FME Flow version

You can create a support case for our team to look into the issue further with you.