Floating license server error on Ubuntu 22.04

  • 7 March 2024
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Hey all,


I'm getting a license server error on Ubuntu 22.04 FME Form.

This is the error code:

2024-03-06 11:02:32 Did not detect a license service on standard port 27000 on server IPADDRESS


What is strange is the license server works perfectly for Mac and Windows versions of FME Form.


I've checked multiple versions of FME Form and checked to see if it is a firewall issue. I had this issue on Mac OS about a year ago but it was fixed in an update so not sure if it's the same issue for Linux?


Any help would be massively appreciated!

1 reply

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Turns out I hadn’t got the flex net license server configured properly!

For anyone else in the future that needs to troubleshoot a Linux install of flex net licensing server run:

./lmutil lmstat -a -c @yourhostname

This will let you know what the issue is with the install