Error processing multiple files FME Flow/Form

  • 14 June 2024
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I’m building a workflow to process multiple input files. When running from FME Flow some of the files are read correctly from this location:  /data/fmeflow/resources/system/temp/upload// but for some of them I’m getting this error: File does not exist: $(FME_DATA_REPOSITORY)/

When running from FME Form I’m getting the same error: File does not exist: $(FME_MF_DIR)

For some reason this this happens only when more than 21 files are processed (does not matter the size of the file). 

Do you have any idea how to fix it? 


Thank you.



1 reply

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Hello marketa,

I’m afraid we’ll need a bit more information. How are you reading the files, what are some examples for paths and filenames, etc.


I have several workspaces that process any number of files, even zipped together, and that works just fine from both Flow and Form, using Readers and FeatureReaders, where the Source is connected to a User Parameter. So the concept works, but why it does not work for you I can’t tell without a bit more detail. It may be that there are unexpected characters in the filename that confuse FME, ur if the files are temporary they may already have been removed beofre FME gets around to reading them, or some files may require special permissions from the operating system. There are lots of reasons why something like this can go wrong...