WFS reader truncates response and fails

  • 13 June 2019
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I'm using a FeatureReader to read a wfs service and getting strange failures.

The following error is being logged

HTTP transfer error: 'Failure when receiving data from the peer'
XML Parser error: 'Error in input dataset:';key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxx/wfs/layer-53382?SERVICE=WFS&VERSION=2.0.0&REQUEST=GetFeature&' line:1 column:121683 message:unexpected end of input'
The XML Module halted on error, see the logfile for details
<WFS> An error occurred while reading a GetFeature response, to ignore the error and avoid losing the previously read features, set the WFS "Ignore GetFeature Error" parameter.  Total features downloaded: '0'
A fatal error has occurred. Check the logfile above for details

Accessing the link and checking the file manually it is valid xml and does not have an unexpected end or any special characters at the logged position.

Stranger still, if I run my request via Fiddler proxy, it does not truncate the response.

Reader settings:

  • WFS Version: 2.0.0
  • Use Old Reader for GML v3.1.1 and v2.1.2 Documents

While running fiddler is fine for me, I want to share this workbench with other users.

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Is suspect a memory error. I had the same strange results, CURL did produce a complete file, however Chrome did not, at least, it got stuck in presenting the data as XML view. The workspace I initially used, terminated with the “Failure when receiving data from the peer” error. The error did not show up when isolating the WFS read request per layer in a separate workspace. So I worked around the problem by using a separate workspace to read a single WFS layer into an ffs file and processing that ffs result using a FeatureReader in the original workspace.