Fanout by attribute and geometry

  • 13 May 2024
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Hey all,


I often receive multiple AutoCAD drawings which I need to convert to ArcGIS feature classes. I configured my reader as 'Single Merged Feature Type' to read all the features in one input port. At the end of my workflow I want to save the features by dividing them over the feature classes of the unique combination of autocad file name (fme_basename) and GIS geometry type.  I tried to use the geometryfilter to filter on point, line & polygon features followed by a string concatenator to then create a new attribute that contains the combination of fme_basename and geometry (point, line, polygon). I then tried to use a fanout by setting the feature class or table name in the writer to the created attribute and ticked the dynamic schema option and set the fme_feature_type as schema definition name. The result is however not completely what I wanted because I end up with for example different feature classes for arcs and lines while in arcgis these are both considered lines.



Consider I have 3 AutoCAD files (A, B, C)

I would like to end up with maximally the following feature classes in my esri geodatabase:

  • A_point
  • A_lines
  • A_polygons
  • B_point
  • B_lines
  • B_polygons
  • C_point
  • C_lines
  • C_polygons

If someone could help me I would be very thankfull :)






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7 replies

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Hi @valentinthonen 


The GeometryCoercer or the ArcStroker might work for this. 

If you can share your workspace with some sample data I can take a closer look. 



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Hi @crystalatsafe,

I was enjoying some holidays so the reply is maybe a bit later than expected. 😅

Here is my slightly modified workspace in which I get the results I'm looking for. However there is some overlap in the string concatenator transformers which is in general considered a bad practice in IT. So if you would know how to fix this I would be glad to hear it. I was thinking about the geometryCoercer indeed but not sure about how to implement it.


See attachment for my workspace + sample data. 

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Hi @valentinthonen 


I have attached two solutions that will eliminate the need for multiple StringConcatenator transformers in your workspace. I saved it as DWG_To_GIS_Fanout_solution.fmw in the same folder you attached. 


For the first workaround I added an attribute called layer in the AttributeCreator transformer using conditional values for point, line and polygon. I then placed the StringConcatenator before the GeometryFilter and added that type attribute to the concatenated result after the fme_basename. 


In the second workaround I added the layer attribute to the GeometryFilter transformer and was able to get rid of the StringConcatenator altogether. 


Please let me know if this is what you were looking for. 

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Hi @crystalatsafe,


Thanks for your solution. Your solution is indeed cleaner in comparison to what I posted, but my main point of interest is if you can achieve the same with using only 1 writer instead of one per geometry type (point, line, polygon). Normally FME is smart enough to make a table for each geometry type when writing to a gdb. However when I want to also devide it by the layer attribute it does not work as I expected because I also get for example a table for the geometry type arc while I would only like the devision point, line, polygon.

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Hi @valentinthonen 


I added an ArcStroker transformer to replaces arc geometry with interpolated straight line segments.

I also added a Dynamic Writer with a SchemaScanner transformer in order to use only one writer. 


Please let me know if this is the output you were looking for. 

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Thank you a lot @crystalatsafe, this was indeed what I was searching for! :D

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That’s great! Happy to help! :)