Export FME workspace to a readable text or graphic format

  • 13 June 2023
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Hello, I would like to export my FME workspace (see image below) in order to integrate it in the appendices of a technical report. Is there a way to do so apart the "Print"? Printing the workspace sadly does not work since it is quite large and would then become very small and unreadable. Any alternative? Can be either exported in a text format or a reduce graphic format...



4 replies

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You can always build something yourself using the Workspace Reader, but nothing out of the box I'm aware of other than the print function.

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Well, the .fmw is a text file... ;-)

But seriously, my suggestion would be to include print screens of each bookmark (they seem particularly well separated here) together with a short textual explanation.


I just hoped there would be a better, built-in way than print-screening bookmarks, but I guess I will resort to that then. Thank you for all your answers.

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I would recommend maximizing the canvas (Shift + F11) and taking a screenshot with the highest resolution in your display settings. Alternatively, you could screenshot smaller components of the bookmark and stitch them together using Adobe products, Snagit, etc.