The log file for job ID "xx" does not exist

  • 22 March 2024
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Hi I am using FME Server 2021, configured with high availability ( There are 14 engines configured on 2 machines

I have an automation which is triggered by reading a JMS queue. It is configured to run on a specific engine and queue. 

It is failing intermittently once or twice in a week. But there is no log file created. It says The log file for job ID "xx" does not exist. There is no issue with disk space.

In the result data, the status message says ‘Job did not complete’


Any suggestions? Any idea where I can get more information about this issue? 

4 replies

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Hi, if this is not due to low disk space two things come to my mind to check are: 


  1. Is the job over 7 days old? There is a default system clean up task to delete log files after a week. 
  2. Is it only this workspace that is failing? I know you said it is intermittent but this might help narrow down the issue. Can you run a workspace from the samples repository successfully? 
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Hi @sunsilk11 !


Thank you for your post!

The “log file does not exist for Job ID <n>” is often related to disk space, job queuing or problems in job submission.

If possible I would recommend taking a look at the fmecleanup.log to see if there is any aggressive cleanup being triggered there as a starting point!


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The jobs failing are not over 7 days old. There is failure of jobs even today.

The job failing with no log file seem to occur for 2 workspaces in particular.

It is intermittent as most of the time these 2 jobs also complete successfully.




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If possible, can you submit a case and attach the following log files:

  • fmecleanup.log
  • fmeserver.log
  • fmeprocessmonitorengine.log

This will help us look into this more and see what might be going on.  With it being intermittent it makes it more difficult as it could be a variety of issues (network issues, engine availability - especially if there is anything else running on that engine)