FME Flow 2023.2.2; Where to locate runtime error for the job on FME flow

  • 28 February 2024
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We have recently upgraded FME flow to the latest 2023.2.2. I am having difficulty locating runtime errors for the job because when you click these runtime errors it will take you to the logs section where you have multiple logs. It's difficult to find which log file has this error. Previous versions directly took you to the error description while this version is not. Please guide me if I am doing anything wrong.

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3 replies

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We are experiencing the same issue, in 2023.1 it is still in the original spot but after upgrading to 2023.2.1 it is no longer at the same spot

I also managed to run into this issue with FME 2023.2.1.

After going through the documentation it seems that Safe has updated the way the logs are saved. Now there are two ways to start an automation:

When starting the Automation with the Debug start button, FME Flow behaves as previously. The logs are saved in the FME Flow Database and clicking on the error symbols gives you the log for the automation. Via the Automation you can also click on Menu > View Debug Log.

When starting the Automation with the normal Start button, FME Flow now saves the logs in the resources folder under logs/automations/current. The errors can be found in the fmeautomations.log file. Unfortunately, this log file contains logging for all automations and as such you have to manually search for the automation errors/warnings. The menu now displays Menu > View Log Files.

I guess the advantage of this is that the database is not getting overloaded with automation error messages and saving the errors in the resources allows FME to run regular clean-up tasks. However, personally I find saving the logs in one singular log file not very user-friendly and am continuing to use the Start Debug option even though not recommended for production use. Ideally Safe could create one log file per automation, removing the necessity of manually searching for automation errors in the fmeautomations.log file.

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Hi @fme_can_do_it, Automation logging was changed in FME Flow 2023.2.

When debugging an automation, you can use debug mode, which will provide the same Automation logging experience are prior versions (all logging in a single log). Production mode (the default) will log errors to the respective .log file.

Part of the reason for this change was that Automation logs were growing too big in the database, as an automation may be running for a very long time. However, I agree this does make it harder to find which log has the error, and other customers have voiced their concerns with this as well. Our product team is aware and evaluating better options for a future release.