Cannot copy/paste Automation Webhook Trigger URL

  • 20 March 2024
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Has anyone else had problems copying and pasting the Automation Webhook trigger URL? In my case, the URL text is grayed out, although when clicking the clipboard icon the response says, “Copied!”, but nothing is on the clipboard. We are running FME Flow 2023.1.2 Build 23641 - win64.


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4 replies

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I think this happened to me beforehand. I think the solution was to Stop the automation, then do the edits

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@j.botterill, Yes I did try that. In fact tried a bunch of different things, including a different browser. Still nothing is copied to the clipboard. Odd. Thanks for the quick response, though.

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Are you able to highlight the URL text and then copy that way?  It will show as greyed out still, and you will likely see a red icon when you hover over it, but you should be able to click and drag to select the URL and then copy (either right click > copy, or Ctrl+C).

Testing on our newest release, both the Clipboard and select/copy seem to work without issue. 

If you are still having problems please let me know!

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@kate-safe , Yes, I did eventually get this to work, by left clicking and holding down while dragging all the way to the right, as you had suggested. I was then able to past the URL into Postman to continue testing. Thank you!