How to set geodb_feature_class_alias with dynamic GDB writer

  • 18 October 2023
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Hey hey ... I'm successfully writing feature classes from ArcGIS Map Server layers to GDB. My writer names and schema are defined dynamically because I'm iterating over many service layers (with a feature reader, driven by CSV rows).


I was able to name my feature classes based on a field (readable layer_name) other than the fme_feature_type, but rightly the writer strips s p a c e s and ( parentheses ).


I'd like to use the unmodified layer name as the geodb_feature_class_alias by setting a format attribute (which is exposed and connected), but it doesn't seem to ever take.


Advice on how to set this up is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.



1 reply

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According the the docs, the alias is respected when the table is created. So you should see if the first feature or the schema feature has it when your dynamic feature classes are created.