What does all the lines in the safe.lic file actually mean?

  • 15 January 2024
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Perhaps just of curiosity, I would like to know what all the lines in the safe.lic license file actually mean. Not an answer like "they are needed" but more information why they are needed and what they correspond to.


FEATURE FME (this might be the main license)


FEATURE national

FEATURE basic_raster

FEATURE segy_reading

FEATURE segy_writing

FEATURE smallworld (this is the license level)

FEATURE fmeobjects_reproject

FEATURE ssis_extension

FEATURE spatialbiz


I've heard during my years as a FME expert that some of these lines correspond to "old licensing levels" or similar but now with FME Form, is that really true?


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I'm also suspecting legacy licenses and/or third-party extensions (the recently deprecated MapTextLabeller comes to mind), but I'm equally curious as to the "official" story 🙂

@mark2atsafe​ Do you have the inside scoop on this?

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Yes, as @david_r noted, those are old license options that we don't use any longer. For example, "basic_raster" might have been a way to exclude raster from BASE licenses. SegY is an oil/exploration format. SSIS and Spatialbiz are two Smallworld options. I assume that "fmeobjects_reproject" allows the reprojection functionality inside FME Objects, and I suspect "FME_GUI" was when we first introduced Workbench, which would be a long time ago. I've no idea what "national" means.


Those lines might just be in there for backwards compatibility. They don't really hurt being there and I don't know what would happen if they were removed!