Menu missing by default following installation

  • 25 October 2023
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We've just upgraded a couple of machines to FME Form 2023.1.1.1 in preparation for a full rollout , however we're experiencing issues with the default layout of FME Form.


The menu bar has not loaded?


When selecting transformers in the canvas or items from the tool bar I have to click below the item to select? Like there is a spatial disconnect between the clicked location and the item I'm wishing to select?


Pressing F11 makes the menu bar appear and the issues of clicking directly on a transformer or tool bar icon a non issue. However the navigator, translation log and status bar windows all disappeared unless I make these visible again via selecting them from View>Windows. I have to keep repeating this process every time I return to FME Form.


Same issue also occurred when I installed 2023.1 as a trail earlier last month.


Any advice greatly welcome.






4 replies

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Sounds like it could be a bug. I'd contact support and they'll be able to help diagnose the issue. They'll also likely need some more specific setup/installation information that you might not be comfortable giving out on a public forum

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Just an update on this.

I’ve been informed by our supplier that this issue will not be fixed in FME 2023 and should be resolved come FME 2024!

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Super weird though - what platform are you on? Did I miss something? I don’t at all have this issue

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Running on Windows 10 Enterprise.

Of my colleagues that have installed 2023.2, 2 out of 6 are experiencing this issue. With one colleague unable to open FME Form, crashes during load.

I’ve tried every release of 2023.1 onwards