Using IN operator with tester transformer

  • 12 February 2024
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I have a list of lab test results and only want to include the rows that match a list of analytes. I am trying to use the IN operator in the tester transformer.

I have followed the advice from this post:

Help with syntax when using Tester transformer | Community (

This is what I have:

Sheet1 contains the test results, text_line_data contains the list of analytes as one feature. I have merged them to get this:


The “text_line_data” column looks like this:


My tester transformer is set up as below:


However, all rows fail the test. What am I doing wrong?



2 replies

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The IN parameter takes a comma delimited list: A,B,C…

You also need to remove the quotation marks from the list. Do that first and then use an Aggregator transformer to create the list separated by commas.

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I think the Contains operator, rather than In, does what you want (if you swap the left and right values)