Provide range to 'distance' parameter in NeighborFinder

  • 11 June 2024
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Hi All,

I am new to the FME Software and have a small question related to NeighborFinder.

  • We have points and contour tables in Arcsde Geodatabase. We are finding points near contour by providing specific distance say 20 in neighborfinder
  • In actual case distance is varies  like in some cases nearest contour is at 30 , some contours at 40 etc.
  • How do I tell to neighborfinder that select a point which is near by contour having distance in between 10 to 40 ?. In SQL if we use between operator then we are getting values so similar I want to use this for neighborfinder
  • Below is the screenshot : 


What I tried so far : 

Any inputs/suggestion on above would be great !!
thanks in advance !! 


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It is not possible to configure the NeighborFinder this way, but using a Tester on the MatchedBase outputport on the attribute _distance you can filter out matches closer than 10.

Another way to do this is to buffer the countours with 40 and with 10, clip the one against the other (grouped by feature id for performance) and use the result with a SpatialFilter to get all points within 10 to 40 units from the line.