Cutting a polygon using the shape of another polygon layer?

  • 27 February 2024
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Any idea to cut the polygons in the layer 2 based on the polygons in layer 1 in the same shape and close or same ratio of cutting , please note that there is a shifting between tow layers.

or move the polygons in layer 1 to match the location of polygons (based on corners) in layer2  



5 replies

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@mazenaldaas interesting case. Could you provide more context of the question, what do layers 1 and 2 stand for? In case you would run the Intersector layer 2 will be split into different parts because layer 1 polygons consist of different parts. Is that what you like to achieve?

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The layer 2 for parcel.

The layer 1 for the same parcel put after cutting to parts (2,3, but as shown there is a shift.


The purpose is reflecting  the cutting in parcels in layer 1 to the original parcel which is in our sample layer 2

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Try using an AnchoredSnapper to move polygon 1 onto polygon 2 (polygon 2 is the anchor). Then use an AreaOnAreaOverlayer to cut polygon 2. 

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Dear Joepk, 


I tried Anchored Snapper before, but it doesn't give me the desired result, because the polygons in layer 1 is catted… so there is a difference in the corners, plus you will not get the same shape of the polygon 1 when you use AreaOnAreaOverlayer to cut polygon 2..

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Why is the data in layer 1 shifted? Was it ever correct? Maybe there is a way to invert the shift so the layers match up nicely.