Create a zip from line and polygone shapefile

  • 14 June 2024
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Hi.  I’ve a FGDB how contains polygone and line feature,.

I need to create a separate shapefile for all feature of the FGDB.

After that, I’ve to create a zip with all the shapefile.


Can i do that with FME ?


Thank for help

3 replies

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Hi @hugues 


You can use the Generate Workspace and the fanout option.



Thanks in Advance,


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if you want to automate the zip-process, you can use it in combination with the WorkSpaceRunner transformer.

  1. First workspace does all the work and export the fgdb
  2. the second workspace initialise the WSR-transformer with the first workspace and zips afterwards the files with the ZipArchiver (FME HUB transformer)
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You can also export the FGBD to temporary shapefiles using the TempPathnameCreator transformer, and add all data to a single shapefile (or several shapefiles) in the same workspace.