Unable to Write Point features to Esri ArcSDE

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I have a non-spatial table in MS SQL database with lat/long coordinates. In my workspace I use the VertexCreator + EsriReprojector to create point geometries in our standard projection. Now I want to write the point features to a new feature class in an Enterprise Geodatabase (SQL Server back end).  The database connection I am using for the writer has permission to create table in the geodatabase and I am able to create feature classes in the geodatabase outside of FME.  But in the workspace, the translation fails with this error:

“An error occurred while attempting to create the feature class 'My_New_Feature_Class'. The error number from ArcObjects is: '-2147216035'. The error message from ArcObjects is: {This geodatabase does not support this client or operation [This geodatabase does not support this client or operation] [My_New_Feature_Class]}

I have searched for this error code and do not find much out there, so I am hoping someone here may have add a similar error and found a solution. Thank you! - Tiffany

Note: This translation also fails if I attempt to write to a different enterprise geodatabase as well. Other translations I run where I write new feature classes to this geodatabase succeed. So the issue appears to be something with this particular workspace and not the geodatabases themselves.

FME(R) 2023.1.1.0 (20230928 - Build 23631 - WIN64)

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For ArcSDE writer you might have supply table qualifier. The Connection file must be the same one as who owns the table when creating the table. If I remember correctly. ex if dbo owns the table then it will be dbo.feature_class_name

table qualifier field in feature writer = dbo


Once table is created, next time you loading the data into existing feature class table you could use different connection file with update/add/delete permission. 

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Thanks for the suggestion @panda! It was actually a problem with one of the data types. I had an ID field set to big integer and once I changed it to integer, the translation succeeded and created the feature class in the enterprise geodatabase.  Esri documentation says that big integer is now supported data type but for some reason it was causing the translation to fail.