Unable to pass text containing quotes via workspace runner user parameter

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I think I may have run into unexpected behaviour. I’m trying to pass some text in a user parameter via a workspace runner but it’s stripping out the quotes within the text when I try to retrieve it.

The text I am trying to pass through to a child workspace:

"Building_Use" = 'Residential'

In the log of the workspace runner it gets passed along in the command line arguments as:

--SQL_WHERE_Clause {${="Building_Use" = 'Residential'=}}'

and the child workspace receives it correctly when initiating the workbench as:

``--SQL_WHERE_Clause' `"Building_Use" = 'Residential''.

But when this is retrieved via a parameter fetcher or attribute creator it drops the quotes in the child workspace:

Building_Use = 'Residential'

However if I run the child workspace on its own (not via the workspace runner) it retrieves the text correctly. 

I can workaround this by replacing “ with another character before and then replacing it within the child-workspace, but I feel this shouldn’t be necessary. I couldn’t find anyone else in the forums with this issue so thought it best to post it here in-case others come across it.

FME(R) 2021.0.0.0 (20210305 - Build 21302 - WIN64)

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Does it work when you url encode and url decode it?

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Does it work when you url encode and url decode it?

Yeah - that’s the workaround I’m using at the moment but was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary!

What is the downside of this workaround? If you want to have it as a parameter and not an attribute, it is probably possible to url decode it using python in a scripted parameter.