kml placemark name as output dwg layer name

  • 17 June 2024
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Hello all

I’m trying to achieve the above, so far I’m struggling on how to find out the KML reader ‘placemark name’ property, to write it as a DWG layer name.

Could anyone point me out on how to do that? Thanks

5 replies

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Hi @alanaliberti 


Please, could you share the kml file?


Thanks in Advance,


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Sure thing, there you go Danilo

Thank you

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If you look in the Format Attributes section of the reader, there are a lot of kml attributes that can be exposed, including kml_name which may be the one you are looking for.

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Yes, this is the one I’m looking into:


but then I get this error when I run it:


And then nothing is converted. if I use a static layer name it goes smoothly


thanks for your help


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That Unexpected Input warning normally points to an issue with the Reader, not the writer. It is saying that the file you are reading in has 9 features that could be read but were not because they are in the feature types StyleMap and Style, not Placemarks. If you wanted to get those features you could try updating the reader and its feature types to include those or try adding a new kml reader that is Single Merged Feature Type instead of Individual Feature Types. If you were expecting placemark features, then there could be another issue.