FeatureWriter 2 AGOL fails on tables 'Must declare the scalar variable "@OBJECTID

  • 22 May 2024
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Hi, I’m using a change detector to see if any updates has been made from the new data, to the data  on ArcGIS Online. 

Previously I had the error about missing ObjectID on updated records, but I fixed that using a feature joiner from this Guide: How do I write updates to an existing ArcGIS Online feature service? – FME Support Center (

I got it working on points, lines and polygons, however if I want to update tables, I get the above error. By a search I found that this error has also been found in Survey123: Send Error Code 1000 - Esri Community
Talking about GlobalID’s, I did try to activate GlobalID’s on my table service, and add that in my feature writer.

Anyone who knows how to fix this?


1 reply

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Hi @kelin84, are you using Survey123, and if so is it older than version 2.3? This error seems to come from there and Esri has a few workaround suggestions here. Would you be able to check on your ObjectID field to make sure that there are only uppercase characters, and no special characters (trailing spaces, etc)?