Esri ArcGIS Portal Feature Service Not Preserving GlobalIDs on Insert

  • 28 February 2022
  • 4 replies

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I'm trying to write new (Insert) features to a Utility Network feature service using the Portal writer and it doesn't appear to be preserving global ids despite my parameter setting to do so. The issue appears to exist on all layers in the service.


I've tried connecting to Portal via 'Web Connection' and with 'Generate Token' parameters and see the same result. I am connecting to a branch version and not DEFAULT.


I can confirm that Globals are not coming over as expected on the version.

portal writer screenshotI've got some Fiddler screengrabs as well if that's helpful.

Thanks all.

4 replies

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@wlsuhr Were you able to figure out the issue ? I am also trying to do the same and not having any success.

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@naveen, I did figure out the issue.  It was a known bug that was fixed with a software update.  What version are you using?

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@wlsuhr I am currently using 2021.1 version. In what version was it fixed?




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@naveen, that was the version I specifically had issues with.  If you can, get a current as possible.  If you have to stay within 2021.x, then I’d go for 2021.2.6.