FME Flow Hosted connects to on-premise engines with remote engine service

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Hi All,

We have FME Flow (and Hosted) 2023.2.

I would like to set up a FME Flow Hosted instance. The instance will have engines configured both on Cloud and on-premise. I am not very sure if the FME Flow Hosted instance can connect to the remote on-premise engines through so-called remote engine service. 

I read a discussion of the topic in this Forum below. 

It appears to be negative. But the discussion was 9 months ago. Not sure if it is still valid today. 

As the FME Administrator's Guide states, “Customers of FME Flow Hosted can also connect to Remote Engine Services.”,Flow%20installation%20behind%20a%20firewall.

But it is still not very clear and definite. 

Therefore. can anyone shed some light on this?




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