Writing the fme data download output to a specific folder under fme server resources

  • 20 February 2024
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Hi guys, 

I'm building a workspace app that convert data out an oracle database to xml format. The app uses a download service. The downlaod service stores the data by default under (E:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FMEFlow\resources\system\temp\engineresults). So all zip files goes under that folder. For my application I want the output to go to another place because I want to seperate them from the rest of the fme server results. What I have tried is adjusting the Dataset destination fanout directory to ($(FME_SHAREDRESOURCE_DATA)\ORACLE2XMLConversion (see also screen shot)) in order to find the zip file in this path in the server (E:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FMEFlow\resources\data). However it doesn't work well for me so far because it doesn't create the ORACLE2XMLConversion folder and its sub folder. I just find the zip file under the default location. Can anyone help me with this.


3 replies

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Hi @mda , 

Unfortunately, the temporary Data Download results cannot be configured to write to a custom location. I have filed an enhancement request with our development team to add this functionality. For reference, this request is tracked internally as FMEFLOW-22593.

In the meantime, you might design a workflow that does something similar within the workspace. For example: 

  1. Use a FeatureWriter with the Data Download service
  2. In the same workspace, fetch the zip file location in an attribute
  3. Move the file
    1. File Copy writer copy the file to the new location
    2. FMEFlowResourceConnecter to upload the file to the new location

However, even in this workflow, the data download service cannot be used with these custom locations. The file will still need to be in the engineresults folder in order for the end user to download them. 


Hope this helps!

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@sanaeatsafe Thanks a lot for your response!

I made another workspace which read the path of the data in the engineresult folder in the server resources and then used FMEFlowResourceConnecter to upload the file to the new location and File Copy Writer. Then I made a Topic and Subscription notification on FME Flow that triggers the new workspace when the first worksapce succeed. Now when the app finishes running the other workspace get triggered by the subscription notification and upload the files to the new location. However, The new workspace keeps runing again and again. I don't know why it runs endlessly. When I cancel the running job it starts another one. So I had to remove the workspace from the server to stop it. FYI, the workspace upload the data to the new location from the first run but it finished successfully and then get triggered again. When I run the workspace manually in the server befor it is triggered, it runs only once. But when it is triggered by the subscription it runs again and again. 
I couldn't find the causing of this problem.

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I have solved the problem. I don't know what was the reason but when I made new topic and notification subscription, the workspace is now triggered only once.