FME Server 2021 Distributed/Fault Tolerant Installation

  • 26 February 2024
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I am currently installing FME Server 2021 in Distributed/Fault Tolerant Installation mode.
I have completed the standard installation procedure, entered my postgres database information and shared directory. 
Only, when I finish the installation, the 'Core' and 'Engine' services don't start. 
The logs located in <FME_SHARED_RESSOURCES_DIRECTORY>\resources\logs\corecurrent/fmeserver.log indicate: 
'Missing FME Server license, or license disallows FME Engine registration.' and 'Failed to register FME Engine.' I pasted my license file in the 'licenses' directory but it didn't change anything. Anyway, isn't the web interface supposed to be accessible and the Core and Engines services started before installing the license? 

When I look at the Engine logs, I read: 'FME Engine failed to register with FME Server 'MyMachine' on port 7070. Failed to verify message authenticity'. This suggests a licensing problem. 

When trying to connect to the web interface, I get : ‘java.lang.IllegalStateException: No output folder’

As a test, I performed an Express installation, and everything was OK. 

Has anyone encountered the same problem?



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